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Getting a Handicap

Can-Amross (32K)

Obtaining a USGA Handicap Index is one of the many benefits of being a member of the South Carolina Golf Association. USGA Handicap Indexes can be received through one of our many member clubs. If you've never been issued a handicap index, the process is quite simple. Each regular, affiliate SCGA member club, and Carolinas eClub provides handicap indexes to its members through our handicap vendor, GHIN. GHIN, which stands for Golf Handicap & Information Network, is the USGA's handicap software service. By joining one of our member clubs you become eligible to receive an SCGA handicap card which will include your current USGA Handicap Index and a list of your most recent 20 scores.

To JOIN A CAROLINAS ECLUB visit the Carolinas eClub Home Page.

Once you begin posting, it takes a minimum of five scores in order to receive a handicap index. The more you post, obviously, the more accurate your index will be. Handicap indexes are revised at the first and fifteenth of each month to ensure accurate evaluations of players' potential ability. Remember that a handicap index is a measure of your potential as a player, so post any and all scores from rounds played within the Rules of Golf.

A growing number of SCGA member clubs allow online posting - check with your home club on this availability. To Post Scores On Line and receive your SCGA Handicap Card via email, register at
My SCGA today! You can also download a mobile app for posting: search "GHIN" at the iTunes App Store for iPhone users and at Google Play for Android users.
For more information on how to receive a USGA Handicap Index, or for a list of SCGA member clubs in your area, contact James Park, Director of Member Services at 803-732-9311, or by email: