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SCGA Membership

The South Carolina Golf Association is an association of member clubs. Individual membership to the SCGA can be obtained only through the participation of the handicap system at an SCGA member club.

The South Carolina Golf Association offers three types of club membership: Regular, Affiliate, and Associate.

Regular Club Membership: Available to clubs located at "green grass" operations, composed of at least 25 members that  subscribe to the Golf Association Services of the Carolinas handicap service, provided by GHIN. View SCGA Regular Member Clubs.

Affiliate Club Membership: Available to clubs located at "non-green grass" operations, composed of at least 10 members that subscribe to the Golf Association Services of the Carolinas. Affiliate clubs can be formed through other organizations such as businesses, fraternal groups, clubs, etc. Affiliate clubs can also be formed as  new organizations, via solicitation of members through advertising, recruitment, etc. A current list of SCGA Affiliate Member Clubs can be viewed here.

An individual can start his / her own club with groups of friends, co-workers, family members, or even strangers; so long as the club provides regular opportunity for members to play with one another and offers at least one club-sponsored event for members to participate. It takes just 10 individual members to meet the USGA definition of a "golf club". Through our handicap software vendor, GHIN, the SCGA can provide your club with a web based handicap and administration program to manage your club. To learn how to begin the process, contact James Park, SCGA Director of Member Services.

eClub Membership: The South Carolina Golf Association now offers individuals the opportunity to join an Carolinas eClub. To join and find out more about eClubs in your area visit SC eClubs.

Associate Club Membership: Available to clubs located at "green grass" operations that do not operate as organized golf clubs and do not subscribe to any Handicap computation service.

Club Benefits:
- GHIN Handicap Program and Tournament Pairing Program. Provides clubs with the USGA's handicap program and enables clubs to administer tournaments of all formats under the guidelines of the USGA Handicap System
- Administration of the USGA's Course & Slope Rating program. Current and valid evaluations of course difficulty ensure that members' Handicap Indexes are accurate
- Course Measurement. Complete course, center line measurements available through laser technology. Accurate measurements are essential in administering accurate USGA Course and Slope Ratings
- The administration of the Rules of Golf and USGA Handicap System through competitions & seminars. Seminars available upon request.
- Club Insurance programs

Individual Benefits:
- MySCGA on line registration and personal profile. Allows you to receive your handicap revision via email, along with news updates from the SCGA
- Eligibility to participate in our many championships and competitions (Major, One Day, and USGA Qualifiers)
- Free Subscription to the Palmetto Golfer, the official publication of the SCGA. Delivered directly to your home twice a year
- Hole-In-One Certification

The SCGA strives to grow the game of golf through our many programs and encourages you to become a member of the SCGA today.  For more information on membership to the SCGA, please contact us at or call our offices at 803-732-9311.