50th Annual SCGA Dudley-Sullivan Father-Son Championship – Final Results

50th Annual Dudley Sullivan Father-Son Championship
Greenville Country Club 
Chanticleer & Riverside Courses
Greenville, SC
June 13, 2019

With a two hole playoff to decide the 2019 SCGA Dudley-Sullivan Father-Son Championship, the team of Jeff and Weston Bell come out victorious. The Bell duo birdied the second playoff hole to break a three way tie with the teams of John & Will Dennis and Chris & Jay Wilkins. Each team respectively shot a tournament score of two under par 70 on a windy day at Greenville Country Club’s Chanticleer Course.

Bob and Brent Hoffman took the top honors in Division II with an even par score of 72.  In Division III, Mike and Scott Burton took the victory by scorecard playoff after a three way tie with the teams of Charles and Mike Powell along with Willie and Tyler Huff.  The team of Michael and Mason Mitchell captured the victory in Division IV with a one over par score of 72. In Division V, Joe and Brant Kennedy took home the title after a four over par round of 75.

Named after long time Greenville Country Club members & SC Golf Hall of Famers, Mr. Charles Dudley and Mr. Heyward Sullivan, the Father Son Championship is contested at Greenville Country Club's Chanticleer and Riverside courses. The format of select drive - alternate shot gives each team a chance to learn the strengths & weaknesses of their partners. Pre-Flighted to take into account the ability of all ages, the Annual Dudley - Sullivan Father Son Championship gives all contestants an opportunity to compete against other teams from across the State.

For full information including detailed scoring, Division finishes and pairings visit our tournament web page – 50th Dudley-Sullivan Father Son Championship

Final Results

Division I 
Pos.TeamFrontBackTotalGift Cert.
1Jeff Bell / Weston Bell333770$200
T2Will Dennis / John Dennis353570$135
T2Jay Wilkins / Chris Wilkins343670$135
T4Walter Todd / Walt Todd, Jr393473$50
T4Chris Locker / Jay Locker383573$50
T4Jeff Jaeggi / Greg Jaeggi373673 
T4Levi Moody / Mark Moody363773 
T8Tyler McBride / Greg McBride373774 
T8Kyle Hackel / Rick Hackel363874 
T8Tim Gillig / Russell Gillig353974 
T11Thomas Todd III / T. D. Todd, Jr403575 
T11Rich Weston / Dalton Weston363975 
T13Dave Bradosky / Brandon Bradosky373976 
T13Jake Thompson / Bob Thompson393776 
T15Rusty Massey / Brooks Massey384078 
T15Eric A. Nord / Eric Nord384078 
17Gettys Glaze / Garrett Glaze384280 
18Tom Reeves / Wes Reeves384381 
19Kevin Newton / Bryan Newton433982 
Division II 
Pos.TeamFrontBackTotalGift Cert.
1Robert Hoffman / Brent Hoffman353772$150
T2John Moore / Denton Moore363773$110
T2Skip Eynon / Everett Eynon363773$110
4Vince Williams / Dan Williams373774$80
5Tom Jacoby / Bubba Jacoby383775 
T6Duane Barnes / Chris Barnes423476 
T6Ron Calcutt / Trey Calcutt413576 
T6J Scott Davis / Jay Davis383876 
9Robert Thompson IV / Robert Thompson III403777 
10Mike Burdine / Tyler Burdine403878 
T11Jim Faulkner / James Faulkner394079 
T11Stephen Anaclerio / Richard Anaclerio384179 
T11Steve Calicutt / Steven Calicutt403979 
T14William Jones / William Jones1423880 
T14Charlie Hall / Drew Hall374380 
16Patrick Koone / Ervin Koone443882 
17Rick Oyervides / Derrick Oyervides444084 
18Jordan Fink / Ricky Fink404585 
19David Jones / Camden Jones444589 
Division III 
Pos.TeamFrontBackTotalGift Cert.
1Mike Burton / Scott Burton393574$150
T2Charles Powell / Mike Powell373774$110
T2Tyler Huff / Willie Huff363874$110
T4Bobby Smith / Aj Bragg393675$40
T4Milt Lowder / Jay Lowder393675$40
6Jonathan Coleman / Jim Coleman383876 
T7Jeff Spencer / Gene Spencer364177 
T7Michael Meredith / Trace Meredith374077 
9Randy Cisson / Carlton Cisson423678 
T10Bill Chamberlin / Chris Chamberlin394079 
T10Abram Sanders / John Sanders384179 
12Randolph Hayes / Robert Hayes433780 
13Larry Crnobrnja / Brian Crnobrnja414182 
14John Armbruster / Bryant Armbruster453984 
T15David Fleming / Ian Fleming434386 
T15Richard Burgess / Parker Burgess464086 
17Joe Fairey / Joseph Fairey375188 
18Michael McBride / Michael McBride Jr.474592 
Division IV  
Pos.TeamFrontBackTotalGift Cert.
1Michael Mitchell / Mason Mitchell343872$150
2Mike Hirsch / Justin Hirsch383573$120
T3Will Thompson / Bo Davies403575$90
T3Cecil Callahan / Brian Callahan383775$90
T5Matt Brown / Beano Brown393978 
T5Tim Tyler / Brian Tyler413778 
T7David League / Sean League394079 
T7Randall Teegardin / Matthew Teegardin384179 
T9Willard Dorriety / Jason Dorriety404080 
T9Bryce Donovan / William Donovan463480 
T9Sam Beauford / Dennis Beauford404080 
T9Eddie Mirmow / Edward Mirmow413980 
13Thomas Fridy / Martin Fridy404282 
14Wayne Merritt / Nathan Merritt414283 
15Ty Balkcum / Davis Balkum454085 
16Zach Thrasher / Steve Thrasher434386 
17Mike Pope / Andrew Pope464591 
18Phil Milner / Joe Milner464692 
WDDavid Gibson / James Gibson  WD 
Division V  
Pos.TeamFrontBackTotalGift Cert.
1Joe Kennedy / Brant Kennedy383775$150
2Jackson Armbruster / Broc Armbruster393978$120
3Randy Hinson / Chadwick Hinson413879$100
4William Childers / Bill Childers443983$80
T5Steve Roach / Stephen Roach434184 
T5Russell West / Will West404484 
T5Dawson Yandle / Eddie Yandle444084 
8John Black / John Black Jr.444286 
9Craig McDowell / Erik McDowell464187 
10Darin Magera / Jack Magera444589 
T11Keith Walker / Keith Walker1474390 
T11Hayes Dickens / Will Dickens454590 
T11Jeremy Revis / Pete Revis484290 
14Jeff Johnson / Jeff Dickens454691 
15Justin Winslow / John Butler4852100 
T16Robert Cave / Layton Cave5053103 
T16Walker Ferrell / Kip Ferrell5944103 
WDBrent McDonald / Shawn McDonald  WD 
WDHarling Sponseller / Brett Sponseller  WD 

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