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Carolinas GHIN Support

The SCGA is proud to partner with the Carolinas Golf Association and the Women’s South Carolina Golf Association to link you to golf with GHIN through the USGA.


Handicapping and Score Posting

For more information on handicapping or to post your latest scores, click the button below.   


USGA Rules of Golf

The South Carolina Golf Association (SCGA) promotes playing the game of golf by the Rules set forth by the USGA and R&A. As a supporting State/Regional Golf Association (SRGA), the SCGA administers the Rules of Golf and Amateur Status in the State of South Carolina.


Course Rating™ and Measuring

The USGA Course Rating™ and Slope RatingⓇ system is the standard that the USGA Handicap SystemⓇ is built around. The USGA Course Rating system™ allows players to "play to their handicaps". The basis of the USGA Course Rating System™ are the factors that affect the playing difficulty of a golf course. The USGA Course Rating System™ is one of great detail and is the only recognized Rating System in the United States. The SC Golf Association has eight Course Rating™ Teams, trained and authorized by the guidelines set forth by the USGA Course Rating System™ to carry out the on-course portion of the rating process. Both course measurement and Course Rating™ services are free to SCGA Member Clubs. To find a course near you, click the button below. 



By downloading the MySCGA App, the South Carolina Golf Association comes to you with a personalized mobile experience that allows our members to manage and follow their game on a modern platform. From score posting and live scoring, to tournament registration and results along with much more, the MySCGA App offers so many features that put golf right at your fingertips. Click the button below to download the MySCGA App today!


Off The Hosel Podcast

The SCGA's Off The Hosel podcast is an opportunity for Executive Director, Biff Lathrop, and former SCJGA Tournament Director, Allen Knight, to bring to you the stories of some of the biggest names and influences in golf in South Carolina. The approximately one hour episodes include appearances from former players, superintendents, media personalties and golf industry leaders throughout the state.  If you are looking for some entertaining conversation from some of the best in the business, click the button below.


Palmetto Golfer

The Palmetto Golfer is the South Carolina Golf Association's official publication for news, results and stories pertaining to the clubs and the individuals that make up our membership. Featured articles include information from our President, Executive Director and notable figures throughout the golf industry. Results and photos from the previous months SCGA Tournament schedule are available along with educational pieces concerning the USGA Handicap SystemⓇ and Rules of Golf. The Spring issue includes the previous years wrap up of everything that happened in the SC Junior Golf Association and the South Carolina Junior Golf Foundation. New editions are published in the Fall, Spring and Summer and each edition is free to all the membership of SCGA Member Clubs.


Hole-In-One Club

One of the most exciting accomplishments in golf is a Hole In One! Some golfers go their entire lives without having made one and some have more than they can count.  The South Carolina Golf Association likes to recognize those individuals that are lucky enough to accomplish this rare and amazing feat. If you are fortunate enough to make that ever elusive "ACE", click the button below and let us know by sending in your hole in one form and we'll add you to the list of recent Hole In One honorees. 



Each year, the South Carolina Golf Association presents five awards to honor the considerable efforts of those who have invested time and energy to give back to the game, leaving a lasting impact on our associations, the community, the state of South Carolina and the game of golf as a whole.


SC Golf Hall of Fame

Created in 1977 by the South Carolina Golf Association, the SC Golf Hall of Fame recognizes those individuals that have made a great impact on the game of golf in South Carolina either through their playing abilities, their dedication to the game or a combination of both. SC Golf Hall of Fame candidates are nominated by the general public and voted on annually by the SC Golf Hall of Fame Board, which consists of current Hall of Fame members. New SC Golf Hall of Fame inductees are honored each year at the South Carolina Golf Association’s Golf Day in January. Hall of Fame members are recognized throughout the year with a display of their portrait in the Hall of Fame Board Room located in the South Carolina Golf Association offices.


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