The SCGA provides course rating and measuring services to green grass facilities in South Carolina. The Course Rating System™ is an essential part of World Handicap System™ , as ratings are used in the calculation of scoring differentials, which are used to calculate Handicap IndexesⓇ. A Course Rating™ is based on the expected performance of a scratch golfer playing a golf course under normal conditions. A Slope RatingⓇ is determined by rating the golf course for a bogey golfer and comparing the bogey rating to that of the scratch player. The SCGA and WSCGA have teams of volunteers located throughout the state who conduct ratings on behalf of our associations. Our raters are trained to evaluate effective playing length and other obstacles that affect the playing difficulty of a golf course for the scratch and bogey golfer. Factors that may affect the playing length of a golf course include Roll, Elevation, Doglegs / Layups, and Wind. Other obstacles that affect the difficulty of a course include Topography, Fairways, Green Diameters and Surfaces, Rough Height and other Recoverability issues, Bunkers, Penalty Areas (crossing and lateral), Out of Bounds / Extreme Rough (crossing and lateral), and Trees.

To provide the most accurate ratings we must first obtain accurate yardages. As part of the SCGA’s course rating service, we measure each course prior to its rating. To enhance our course measuring service, in 2021 the SCGA began utilizing a GPS surveyor specifically designed for measuring golf courses . By using GPS, the SCGA can now provide facilities with a Google Earth map of its course(s) along with a tee to green yardage report.

Course rating™ and measuring services are provided to SCGA Regular and Associate member clubs as part of those clubs’ benefits package. Non-member facilities may be provided these services for a fee.

Visit https://ncrdb.usga.org/ to find the most current ratings for your favorite courses.

For more information about course rating™ and measuring, contact SCGA Director of Member Services, James Park at /page/name/course-rating-and-measuring
 Course Rating™  and Measuring

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