2019 SCGA Partners Championship – Final Results

27th SCGA Partners Championship
Spring Valley CC & The Members Club – Woodcreek
Columbia & Elgin, SC
March 2-3, 2019

SCGA Partners Championship Crowns New Champions, Dodges Mother Nature

After days of rain, the weather held nice prior to impending storms and players of the 27th SCGA Partners Championship were treated to some good golf for the SCGA’s first major championship of the year at Spring Valley Country Club and The Members Club at Woodcreek Farms.

 The low scores of the day came from the Overall Champions, Kyle Bearden (Barnwell) and Walt Todd, Jr. (Greenville).  Playing the Woodcreek layout, the duo from the Upstate teamed together to shoot a tournament low two-day total of 122 at 22 under par.  Their final round 60 consisted of 10 birdies and an eagle.  They paired to win by three shots over first round leaders Brandon Cemprola (Columbia) and Ryan Reynolds (Camden).  In the First Flight, John Meetze (Chapin) and Jason Livingston (Chapin) shot 64 for their final round and a tournament total of 15 under par 129 to earn their flight win over three other teams.  Dan Hogan (Blythewood) and Jimmy McQuiston (Columbia) took the Third Flight by shooting a final round 61 and win by four shots with a final score of 129 at 15 under par.

At Spring Valley, in the Tournament Division, Brent Roof (Columbia) and Delan Stevens (Conway) shot the low round of the day with an eight under par score of 64 and a two day total of 129 to take the top honors in the Division and Championship Flight.  Doug Cottingham (Hopkins) and Will Hightower (Summerville) took the First Flight by four shots with a final score of 131.  In the Second Flight, Dan Gaither (Greer) and Marty Henson (Piedmont) finished at five under par for the tournament and won by two shots.

For more information about the 2019 SCGA Partners Championship including pairings, detailed scoring, and full results - 2019 Partners Championship

The 2019 SCGA Partners Championship was played at both Spring Valley Country Club and The Members Club at Woodcreek.  The field consisted of 100 two-man teams playing Captains Choice in the first round and a Modified Texas Scramble in the final round.  The Championship Division competed at Spring Valley on Day One and Woodcreek on Day Two, vice versa for the Tournament Division.  The Partners Championship is in its 27th year of existence and is a fund raiser for the South Carolina Junior Golf Association.

Final Results

Championship Division - Championship Flight  
Pos.TeamRd. 1Rd. 2TotalTo ParGift Cert.
1Bearden / Todd, Jr6260122-22$450.00
2Cemprola / Reynolds5966125-19$300.00
T3Clepper / Weiss6363126-18$225.00
T3Branyon / Todd III6462126-18$225.00
T5Day / Plyler6166127-17$75.00
T5Hunter / Liebler6265127-17$75.00
T7Clontz / Woodard6167128-16 
T7Bell / Lutomski6365128-16 
T7Eassy / Friday6365128-16 
T7Builder / Wooten6464128-16 
11Jones / Maness6168129-15 
T12Kennaday / McCullough6169130-14 
T12Dargan / Dargan6466130-14 
T12Chamberlin / Finke6466130-14 
T15Grumbles / Oyervides6368131-13 
T15Roof / Roof6368131-13 
17Burgess / White6468132-12 
18Ferrell / Harden6469133-11 
19Chamberlin / Manders6472136-8 
Championship Division - First Flight  
Pos.TeamRd. 1Rd.2TotalTo ParGift Cert.
1Livingston / Meetze6564129-15$350.00
T2Asay / Lee6566131-13$200.00
T2Crane / Mead6665131-13$200.00
T2Draffin / Sloan6665131-13$200.00
5Sullivan / Watkins6666132-12$100.00
6Driggers / Williamson6667133-11 
7Jordan / Ramsey6668134-10 
8Caldwell / Wingo6768135-9 
T9Davis / Falcone6670136-8 
T9Johnson / Newton6670136-8 
T9Holmes / Truesdale6769136-8 
12Grimes / Obrien6770137-7 
T13Brown / Coleman6672138-6 
T13Barnes / Campbell6771138-6 
T13Bryant / Strauss6771138-6 
T13Massey / Massey6771138-6 
Championship Division - Second Flight  
Pos.TeamRd. 1Rd. 2TotalTo ParGift Cert.
1Hogan / McQuiston6861129-15$350.00
2Wagner / Wallace6865133-11$250.00
3Leibler / Mitchell6867135-9$200.00
T4Belue / Webber6868136-8$125.00
T4Faulkner / Ridley6868136-8$125.00
6Collins / Ingle6969138-6 
T7Jaeggi / Jaeggi6871139-5 
T7Lightsey / Rea7069139-5 
T9Nance / Ramey6872140-4 
T9Taylor / Vandyck7070140-4 
11Few / Kelly7170141-3 
T12Biggerstaff / Ellis6974143-1 
T12Jennings / Whitehead7073143-1 
14Burgess / Fain7074144E 
DQMcMillan / Sill68 DQ  
Tournament Division - Championship Flight  
Pos.TeamRd. 1Rd. 2TotalTo ParGift Cert.
1Roof / Stevens6564129-15$450.00
2Calicutt / Hames6467131-13$300.00
T3Bellon / Nord6369132-12$200.00
T3Robbins / Robbins6666132-12$200.00
T3Dewees / Sullivan6666132-12$200.00
T6Constantino / Hogsed6371134-10 
T6Kennedy / Smith6470134-10 
8Turbeville / Turbeville6570135-9 
9Hawkins / Reid6472136-8 
10Franks / Steele6671137-7 
T11Alexander / Mabry6474138-6 
T11King / McCall6672138-6 
13Houghton / Petz6673139-5 
14Rutland / Sprouse6675141-3 
T15Clamp / Hinson6676142-2 
T15Andrews / Callahan6676142-2 
Tournament Division - First Flight  
Pos.TeamRd. 1Rd. 2TotalTo ParGift Cert.
1Cottingham / Hightower6764131-13$350.00
2Griggs / Melton6768135-9$250.00
3Foy / Schmitt6769136-8$200.00
T4Grabo / Werner6770137-7$50.00
T4Schwab / Schwab6770137-7$50.00
T4Bragg / Smith6770137-7$50.00
T4Kanagy / Tune6770137-7$50.00
T4Edwards / Horne6770137-7$50.00
9Jenkins / Sieling6771138-6 
T10Amundson / Douglas6772139-5 
T10Pierce / Windham6772139-5 
T12Ryan / Talley6872140-4 
T12Dietz / Gordon6872140-4 
T14Jackson / Tindal6972141-3 
T14Cooley / Tobias6972141-3 
16Coats / Miller6874142-2 
T17Crowe / Eller6974143-1 
T17Garrett / Rogers6974143-1 
Tournament Division - Second Flight  
Pos.TeamRd. 1Rd. 2TotalTo ParGift Cert.
1Gaither / Henson7168139-5$350.00
2League / Tankersly7071141-3$250.00
T3Hourihan / Hourihan7172143-1$112.00
T3Evatt / Morse7172143-1$112.00
T3Dunlap / Garrison7172143-1$112.00
T3Kirkner / Taylor7271143-1$112.00
T7Lane / Yarborough7173144E 
T7McFerrin / Nelson7074144E 
T7Martin / Wilson7470144E 
10Childers / Rescigno73721451 
11Lehrer / Ridgeway70761462 
12Clough / Stubbs74731473 
T13Lackey / Merritt70791495 
T13Jefferson / Kleemoff70791495 
T13Campbell / Hawkins73761495 
16Crapps / Knight748015410 

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