48th Dudley-Sullivan Father Son Championship

Todd Family Captures Another Title

For the second year in a row, a duo of Todd family members took home the overall title at the 48th Annual Dudley-Sullivan Father Son Championship. This year, father Walter Todd teamed up with son Neal to shoot a tournament low of three under par 69. With that three under par score, they were also champions of Division I. Walter along with son Walt captured the 2016 edition of the Championship. 

Bob and Brent Hoffman took the top honors in Division II with a two under par score of 70.  In Division III, Mike and Tyler Burdine won by five shots with a score of one under par 71.  J. Wiley Bryant and Joseph Bryant Jr. captured the victory in Division IV with a three over par score of 74. And in Division V, Stephen and Richard Anaclerio took home the title after a one over par round of 72.

Named after long time Greenville Country Club members & SC Golf Hall of Famers, Mr. Charles Dudley and Mr. Heyward Sullivan, the Father Son Championship is contested at Greenville Country Club's Chanticleer and Riverside courses. The format of select drive - alternate shot gives each team a chance to learn the strengths & weaknesses of their partners. Pre-Flighted to take into account the ability of all ages, the Annual Dudley - Sullivan Father Son Championship gives all contestants an opportunity to compete against other teams from across the State.

For full information including detailed scoring, Division finishes and pairings visit our tournament web page – 48th Dudley-Sullivan Father Son Championship

Final Results

Division I   Gift Cert.
1Todd, Walter / Todd, Neal373269$200
2Fain, Max / Fain, Parker363470$150
3Thompson, Bob / Thompson, Jake373572$120
T4Bradosky, Dave / Bradosky, Brandon373673$50
T4Moody, Mark / Moody, Levi373673$50
6Rosefield, Ken / Lewis, Evans354075 
T7Hall, Charlie / Hall, Patrick364076 
T7Ingle, Rick / Ingle, Taylor403676 
T7Poole, Steve / Poole, Stephen Jr364076 
10Reeves, Rob / Reeves, Austin423577 
11Bingham, Ray / Bingham, Carter403878 
12Spencer, Gene / Spencer, Jeff384179 
13Sullivan, Dan / Sullivan, William433881 
Division II   Gift Cert.
1Hoffman, Bob / Hoffman, Brent353570$150
2Williams, Vince / Williams, Dan353873$120
3Davis, Paul / Davis, Thomas363874$100
T4Burton, Mike / Burton, Scott383775$40
T4Moore, John Jr. / Moore, Denton393675$40
6Chamberlin, Bill / Chamberlin, Chris403878 
7Crnobrnja, Larry / Crnobrnja, Brian413879 
T8Vieth, Rick / Revis, Jeremy404080 
T8Hinson, Randy / Hinson, Chad413980 
T8Newman, Bobby / Newman, Dustin394180 
T8Oyervides, Rick / Oyervides, Derrick413980 
12Finley, Douglas / Finley, Austin404282 
13Davis, Scott / Davis, Hudson424183 
14Cox, Tod / Cox, Brady404585 
Division III   Gift Cert.
1Burdine, Mike / Burdine, Tyler363571$150
2Coleman, Jim / Coleman, Jonathan373976$120
T3Thompson III, Robert / Thompson, Robert IV384078$90
T3Reeves, Steve / Reeves, Jackson423678$90
T5Smith, Robert / Bragg, Adam413980 
T5Belue, Derrick / Belue, Perry404080 
T5Burgess, Richard / Burgess, Parker374380 
8Brennan, David / Brennan, Jonathan414081 
9McCormick, Mark / McCormick, Luke394382 
10Callahan, Chris / Callahan, Conner374683 
11Nord, Eric / Nord, Eric453984 
T12Thrasher, Steve / Thrasher, Zach394685 
T12Ridgeway, Sammy / Ridgeway, Carter424385 
14Smith, Tommy / Smith, Turner444387 
15Mirmow, Eddie / Mirmow, Vic474491 
Division IV   Gift Cert.
T1Roberts, Tom / Roberts, Jack363874$135
T1Bryant, J Wiley / Bryant, Joseph Jr.393574$135
3Callahan, Cecil / Callahan, Brian403676$100
T4Eskew, Jim / Eskew, Jay393978 
T4Huff, Willie / Huff, Tyler413778 
T4Sieling, Henry Sr. / Sieling, Hank423678*$40
T4Meredith, Michael / Meredith, Trace423678*$40
T8Milner, Phil / Milner, Joe433679 
T8Armbruster, John / Armbruster, Joseph384179 
T8Upton, Billy Jr. / Upton, Bo453479 
11Gecy, Bob / Gecy, John404080 
12Van Dover, Robert / Van Dover, Mike423981 
13Balkcum, Ty / Balkcum, Davis453782 
14Simmons, Russell / Simmons, Nicholas414283 
15Stevenson, Mark / Stevenson, Alex424284 
Division V   Gift Cert.
1Anaclerio, Stephen / Anaclerio, Richard343872$150
T2Kennedy, Joe / Kennedy, Brant393473$110
T2Cisson, Randy / Cisson, Carlton373673$110
4Lowder, Milt / Lowder, Jay383674$80
5Walker, Keith / Walker, Keith Jr.413778 
6League, David / League, Sean424082 
7Sponseller, Rocky / Sponseller, Brett434083 
T8Smuniewski, Stan / Smuniewski, Kevin424284 
T8Roach, Steve / Roach, Stephen434184 
T8Childers, Dr. Bill / Childers, William384684 
11Armbruster, Broc / Armbruster, Jack.444185 
12West, Russell / West, William424587 
13Seay, Tim / Seay, Trent454489 
14Breci, Scott / Breci, Luke454691 
15McDowell, Craig / McDowell, Erik444892 
16Bellon, Mike / Bellon, James554196 
 * Scorecard Playoff    

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