46th Dudley-Sullivan Father Son Championship

Bradosky & Bradosky Win in Playoff

After shooting a three under par score of 69, Dave and Brandon Bradosky needed a one hole playoff to win the 46th SCGA Dudley – Sullivan Father Son Championship on the Chanticleer course at Greenville Country Club. The Father Son duo finished the last four holes on fire, making an eagle and two birdies to finish tied at the top of the leader board. With Cole Hargett battling sickness all day, he and his dad battled through to also finish at 69. Bradosky and Bradosky secured the title after making par on the tough 1st hole to take home the trophy.

Named after long time Greenville Country Club members & SC Golf Hall of Famers, Mr. Charles Dudley and Mr. Heyward Sullivan, the Father Son Championship is played over both the Chanticleer and Riverside courses at Greenville Country Club. The format of select drive - alternate shot gives each team a chance to learn the strengths & weaknesses of their partners. Pre-Flighted to take into account the ability of all ages, the Annual Dudley - Sullivan Father Son Championship gives all contestants an opportunity to compete against other teams from across the State.

Final Results

 Division I   Gift
 1*Bradosky, Dave / Bradosky, Brandon373269$200
2Hargett, Eddie / Hargett, Cole363369$150
T3Patterson, Joey / Patterson, Cole313970$110
T3Dennis, John / Dennis, Will353570$110
5Hoffman, Bob / Hoffman, Brent363571$80
T6Moody, Mark / Moody, Levi353772 
T6Todd, Walter / Todd, Neal343872 
T6Reeves, Tom / Reeves, Wes333972 
9Vieth, Rick / Revis, Jeremy363874 
T10Todd, T.D. / Todd, Thomas III363975 
T10Ingle, Rick / Ingle, Taylor393675 
12Thompson, Bob / Thompson, Robert383876 
13Herd, Len / Herd, Briar443579 
14Smith, David / Smith, Tyler404383 
15McBride, Greg / McBride, Tyler414384 
16Allen, Spencer / Allen, Parker464086 
 *Won with par on 1st Playoff Hole    
 Division II   Gift
1Faulkner, Jim / Faulkner, James363571$150
2Hall, Charlie / Hall, Patrick363672$120
3Hayes, Randolph / Hayes, Robert363773$100
4Bright, Tom / Bright, Steven363874$80
5Bright, Mike / Bright, Connor373875$60
6McAvoy, Sean / McAvoy, Mr. Ken403878 
T7Rowland, Eddie / Rowland, James III394079 
T7Weede, Bill / Weede, Jackson374279 
T9Jordan, Tommy / Jordan, Bennett433780 
T9Glaze, Gettys / Glaze, Garrett423880 
11Fox, Tom / Fox, Pierce423981 
T12Thrasher, Steve / Thrasher, Zach433982 
T12Suber, Henry / Suber, Whit443882 
14Hinson, Randy / Hinson, Chadwick434184 
15Mason, Tom / Mason, Palmer414485 
 Division III   Gift
1Reid, Kevin / Reid, Steven383472$150
T2Smith, Robert / Bragg, Adam383674$110
T2Boswell, Bill / Boswell, William III373774$110
4Jacoby, Tom / Jacoby, Steven393675$80
 5*Davis, Scott / Davis, Hudson413677$60
T6Crnobrnja, Larry / Crnobrnja, Brian393877 
T6Rada, Ken / Rada, Travis393877 
8Burton, Mike / Burton, Scott384078 
9Macolly, Paul / Macolly, Tyler413879 
10Chamberlin, Bill / Chamberlin, Chris394281 
T11Strickland, Dave / Strickland, Will394483 
T11Butler, Drew / Butler, Weston424183 
T11Fairey, Joe / Fairey, Joseph IV394483 
14Carpenter, Chip / Carpenter, Brooks414384 
15Cisson, Randy / Cisson, Carlton404686 
T16Burgess, Richard Jr / Burgess, Parker444589 
T16Huntley, Harry / Huntley, Jennings474289 
 Division IV   Gift
1Pruitt, Ronnie / Pruitt, Jonathan333366$150
2Ware, Jeff / Ware, Adam363470$120
3Burdine, Mike / Burdine, Tyler363672$100
T4Ellis, Gamble / Ellis, Blake353873$46
T4Dorriety, Willard / Dorriety, Jason373673$46
T4Belue, Derrick / Belue, Perry353873$46
T7Walker, Keith / Walker, Keith Jr.383674 
T7Ramsey, Russell / Ramsey, Sam373774 
9Matthews, Brian / Matthews, Jaime354176 
T10Mullins, Ken / Brandt, Britt403878 
T10Balkcum, Ty / Balkcum, Davis423678 
T12Polgar, Ray / Polgar, Michael394079 
T12Cadieu, James / Cadieu, James403979 
14Friday, Roger / Friday, Scott404080 
15Tonnsen, Dennis / Tonnsen, Cory384583 
16Schwab, Dennis / Schwab, Tim  WD 
 Division V   Gift
 1*Milner, Phil / Milner, Joe393675$150
2Loy, Richard / Loy, Derek393675$120
T3Winters, Lee III / Winters, Junah383977$80
T3Wofford, John / Wofford, Jack393877$80
T3Nord, Eric / Nord, Eric Albert383977$80
T6Armbruster, John / Armbruster, Bryant374178 
T6Smuniewski, Stan / Smuniewski, Kevin403878 
8Locker, Chris / Locker, Jay384179 
T9West, Russell / West, William354580 
T9Connell, Jeff / Connell, Cheney394180 
T9Breci, Scott / Breci, Luke404080 
T12Sponseller, Rocky / Sponseller, Brett414283 
T12League, David / League, Sean404383 
14Evans, Carey / Evans, Parker434184 
T15Harris, Lance / Harris, Laurence454388 
T15Anaclerio, Stephen / Anaclerio, Richard454388 

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