23rd Annual Partners Championship

Grimes & Mitchell Take Home Title for Second Time

Jarrett Grimes and Chris Mitchell proved to be the team to beat as they shot a Tournament low score of twenty under par 123 to capture the SCGA’s 23rd Annual Partners Championship.  The team won their first Partners Championship back in 2007.  The Columbia and Prosperity tandem managed a ten under score on each of their two rounds and beat the nearest team by four shots.  In the Second Flight of the Championship Division, Jeff Pope and Thomas Todd took a one shot victory over former Champions Brent and Justin Roof.  Kyle Milner and Bryan Kelley took top honors in the Third Flight. 

In the Tournament Division, Manning Crapps and Ian Gohean continued their torrid play scorching the field by five shots with a two day total of 16 under par, 127.  The Lexington and Greenville duo managed seven birdies against only one bogey to shoot a final round score of 65.  The two teams of David Franks and Steve Steele along with Scott Biggerstaff and Gamble Ellis tied for first in the Second Flight.  Todd Garrett and Mike Rogers took a one shot victory in the Third Flight.    

The 2015 SCGA Partners Championship was played over two golf courses, the par 71 – 6,665 yard Spring Valley CC course in Columbia, S.C and the par 72 – 6,686 yard Members Club at Woodcreek course in Elgin. The field consisted of 110 two-man teams split into two different Divisions based on handicap, the Championship Division and the Tournament Division. Each division played a Captains Choice format the first day and a modified Texas Scramble the second while alternating courses each day. The Partners Championship is one of 21 Major Championships conducted annually by the South Carolina Golf Association.

Final Results

 Championship - First Flight Gift Cert  Tournament - First Flight Gift Cert
1Grimes, Jarrett / Mitchell, Chris61-62---123$450 1Crapps, Manning / Gohean, Ian62-65---127$450
T2McCoy, Ellison / Palms, Lee62-65---127$275 T2Hawkins, Brad / Reid, Todd68-64---132$275
T2Maness, Michael / Taylor, Lee62-65---127$275 T2Eckenroth, Kyle / Greenway, Cameron66-66---132$275
T4Branyon, Josh / Davis, Matt63-66---129$175 T4Kennedy, Brian / Smith, Scott66-67---133$175
T4Grumbles, Marcus / Grumbles, Shane61-68---129$175 T4Blake, Todd / Clough, Pete65-68---133$175
6Karns, Andy / Karns, Ben62-69---131$100 6Carter, Ken / Kirven, Stephen68-67---135$100
T7Todd, Walt / Todd, Walter64-68---132  T7Bailey, Chris / Rebholz, Richard68-68---136 
T7Ferrell, Garland / Harden, Wesley63-69---132  T7Fayssoux, Bill / Hawks, Richard65-71---136 
T7Finke, Alex / Finke, Christopher62-70---132  T7Roof, Barry / Stevens, Delan65-71---136 
T7Ingle, Taylor / Truesdale, Brandon63-69---132  T10Gravley, Mike / McGinnity, Jay68-69---137 
T11Sylvan, Gus / Sylvan, Jay62-71---133  T10Clamp, Jeremy / Hinson, Chadwick67-70---137 
T11Berchiatti, Geno / Lutomski, Robert63-70---133  T10Jones, Will / Turner, Chris66-71---137 
T11Connor, David / Newton, Bryan62-71---133  T10Lavery, Nick / Wooten, Raymond66-71---137 
T14Turbeville, Justin / Turbeville, Matt63-71---134  T14Lewis, South / Turner, Chuck66-72---138 
T14Dargan, David / Dargan, Robert64-70---134  T14Daniel, Tony / Hyams, Jimmy66-72---138 
T16Clontz, Ron / Hendley, Todd63-72---135  T14Swygert, Chris / Taylor, Chris68-70---138 
T16Desroches, Greg / Joiner, Levi64-71---135  T17Golightly, Mark / Owen, Henry66-73---139 
     T17Brown, Jack / Coleman, Jonathan65-74---139 
 Championship - Second Flight Gift Cert 19Waldthausen, Kurt / Weisner, Harry II68-75---143 
1Pope, Jeff / Todd, Thomas66-63---129$350 20King, Dale / Werner, Trey68-76---144 
2Roof, Brent / Roof, Justin65-65---130$250     
3Hester, Kevin / Sullivan, Dan66-65---131$200  Tournament - Second Flight Gift Cert
T4Hewitt, Andrew / Macolly, Tyler65-67---132$125 T1Franks, David / Steele, Steve70-66---136$300
T4Johnson, Yancey / Schwab, Dennis66-66---132$125 T1Biggerstaff, Scott / Ellis, Gamble69-67---136$300
T6King, Kevin / White, Todd65-68---133$80 T3Edwards, Doug / Horne, Greg70-67---137$175
T6Alley, Robin / Liebler, Steve65-68---133  T3Davis, Jon / Sieling, Hank Jr.69-68---137$175
8Clark, Josh / Reynolds, Eric65-69---134  T5Hoile, Brian / Jones, Gary69-69---138$90
T9Meredith, Michael / Riddle, Mark66-69---135  T5Gantt, Bruce / Johnson, Chris69-69---138$90
T9Eich, Tim / Martin, Jimmy66-69---135  7League, David / Tankersley, Bryan69-70---139 
11Callahan, Travis / McCall, Benji66-70---136  8Eskew, Jay / Eskew, Jim71-69---140 
T12Wagner, Duff / Willis, Terry66-71---137  9Belue, Derrick / Webber, Todd69-73---142 
T12Burkett, Jeff / Lee, Brian66-71---137  T10Muthig, Jeff / Veeder, Joseph70-73---143 
T12Laydon, Matt / Smunk, Bill66-71---137  T10Lyda, Jeff / Souza, Mark70-73---143 
T15Teaster, Tim / Wallace, Holley66-72---138  T10Breci, Scott / Dietz, Doug69-74---143 
T15Infante, Michael / Whitehead, Todd66-72---138  13Griggs, Michael / Melton, Ryan70-74---144 
17Cook, Bob / Reeves, Tom66-74---140  14Keith, Fred / McDowell, Craig71-74---145 
     T15Morse, Bryan / Morse, Jonathan71-75---146 
 Championship - Third Flight Gift Cert T15Nord, Eric / Ponder, Paul70-76---146 
1Kelley, Bryan Jr / Milner, Kyle III68-65---133$350 17Schwab, Tim / Sheppard, Garry71-77---148 
T2Robarge, Richard / Wilkins, Chris67-68---135$225     
T2Watkins, Hunter / Wilkerson, Gary68-67---135$225  Tournament - Third Flight Gift Cert
4Culler, Chris / Reynolds, Ryan68-68---136$150 1Garrett, Todd / Rogers, Mike72-69---141$350
T5Eassy, Chris / Friday, Scott68-69---137$60 2Andrews, Anthony / Callahan, Chris72-70---142$250
T5Dewees, Josh / Joseph, Michael Jr.70-67---137$60 T3Houghton, Rich / Pachol, Steve74-70---144$106
T5Finley, Austin / Lewallen, Micheal67-70---137$60 T3Kanagy, Russell / Lancaster, Henry74-70---144$106
T5Fields, Todd / Langston, Jeff67-70---137  T3Banks, Nathan / Humphries, William73-71---144$106
T9Burgess, Richard Jr / Fain, Max69-69---138  T3Mahoney, Mike / Mahoney, Robbie74-70---144$106
T9Campbell, Josh / Campbell, Neil67-71---138  T3Gaffney, Jimmy / Perry, Greg72-72---144$106
T9Driggers, Kevin / Williamson, Blake68-70---138  8Hall, Gary / Reynolds, Barry72-73---145 
T12Constantino, Dan / Nance, Dean68-71---139  9Miller, Chad / Musick, Brent72-74---146 
T12McCutcheon, Jeff / Whitt, Chip67-72---139  10Creese, Jake / Kaman, Drew72-75---147 
T12Cronin, Ryan / Taylor, Ken70-69---139  11Hourihan, Joe / Hourihan, Michael73-76---149 
15Armstrong, Brant / Johnson, Austin67-73---140  T12Calkins, Mike / Smith, Sandy72-78---150 
T16Faulkner, James / Ridley, Josh68-73---141  T12Baxter, Sam / Williams, Mark74-76---150 
T16Campbell, Michael / Reardon, Tim70-71---141  14Oliver, Bill / Robbins, Michael78-73---151 
T16Durham, Chase / Holmes, Stephen70-71---141  15Carlson, Jason / Lessig, Shawn75-77---152 
T19Ehlich, Dr. Chris / Ramey, Doug69-73---142  16Campbell, Scott / Hawkins, Rick80-76---156 
T19Cottingham, Doug / Hightower, Will70-72---142  17Austin, Mark / Reid, Luke74-83---157 
T19McMillan, Josh / Sill, Stan73-69---142      
22Hyder, Wade / Torres, Mark71-73---144      

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