4th Annual Lathrop Cup

The Lathrop Cup
Forest Lake Club - Columbia, SC
November 21, 2011

Host Team Captures Lathrop Cup

The host team of the Forest Lake Club consisting of Tim Babb, Mike Jenkins & Bob Edens claimed the 4th Annual Lathrop Cup by eight shots with a total of three over par 219.  Coming in second was the Defending Champion team of Camden Country Club at 227.

Palmetto Golf Club, led by Head Professional Brooks Blackburn captured the Pro-Am portion of the event with a total of 131. The Palmetto team was comprised of amateurs Dale Haas, Bill Hardy & Jimmy Hamilton.


The 2011 SCGA Lathrop Cup was played on the par 72, Forest Lake Club in Columbia, SC. The field consisted of 24 teams playing in both the Lathrop Cup and the Lathrop Cup Pro-Am. The Lathrop Cup is comprised of three amateurs over the age of 55 to compete for the Senior Club Championship of South Carolina. The Lathrop Cup is named after long time SCGA Executive Director Happ Lathrop and is one of 19 Major Championships conducted by the South Carolina Golf Association.

Lathrop Cup Results
Total Gift Cert
1st Forest Lake Club Tim Babb 77 Mike Jenkins 71 Bob Edens 71 219 450
2nd Camden Country Club Jimmy Burgess 73 Vic Hannon 76 Gary Morris 78 227 300
3rd Columbia Country Club Alan Tinder 82 Walter Odiorne 76 Bernie Shealy 77 235 250
t-4th Smithfields C.C. Doug Tooke 80 Mike Rogers 79 Wayne Rogers 77 236 175
t-4th The Windermere Club Gene Spencer 75 Andrew Hackney 78 Mike Durst 83 236 175
Carolina Country Club Mike Gravley 77 Henry Thomas 69 Joe Armbruster 91 237
Musgrove Mill Golf Club Bob Smith 84 Tim Pope 73 TD Todd 81 238
Oak Hills Golf Club Mark Giles 75 Henry Thompson 80 Eddie Dennis 85 240
Palmetto G.C. Dale Haas 73 Bill Hardy 89 Jimmy Hamilton 78 240
CC of Lexington John Cottrell 78 Robert Renfroe 84 Steedly Candler 78 240
Fox Run C.C. Jim Edmonds 82 Rob Johnson 79 Rudy Kahl 80 241
Bulls Bay Golf Club Joe Padgette 83 Bill Smunk 77 Duane Bausman 82 242
Golden Hills Golf & C.C. Mike Calkins 72 Ed Sarokas 90 Roy Winter 81 243
Sage Valley Golf Club David Herndon 81 Jim Kirkham 79 Stan Harpe 83 243
Mid-Carolina C.C. Ron Callahan 71 Harry Benenhaley 82 Richard Kimsey 92 245
Lake City C.C. John Floyd 84 Mason Myers 80 Jim Ramsey 81 245
Spring Valley C.C. Gus Sylvan 76 Jay Matera 87 Howard Robinson 84 247
Orangeburg C.C. Stew Butler 83 Jesse Goodwin 80 Monty Smith 85 248
Charwood C.C. Richard Wood 72 Wayne Thumpston 85 Johnny Miller 92 249
Hunters Creek G.C. Larry Barker 80 Dale Christley 85 John West 85 250
The Links at Stoney Pt. Randy Holley 82 Frank Finley 82 Chris Pate 87 251
The Golf Club at Star Fort Butch Cobb 88 John McDowell 84 Frank Williams 82 254
Woodlands Country Club Steve Pachol 80 Brian Alchermes 98 Greg Schachner 85 263
C.C. of South Carolina John Welker 0 Bob Linch 0 Rick Beasley 0 0
Lathrop Cup Pro-Am Results
Professional Gift Cert.
1st 131 Palmetto G.C. Brooks Blackburn Dale Haas, Bill Hardy, Jimmy Hamilton 300
2nd 133 Forest Lake Club John Winterhalter Tim Babb, Mike Jenkins, Bob Edens 240
3rd 134 Golden Hills Golf & C.C. Steve Larick Mike Calkins, Ed Sarokas, Roy Winter 210
4th 136 Camden Country Club Matt McCarley Jimmy Burgess, Vic Hannon, Gary Morris 180
5th 137 CC of Lexington Clem King John Cottrell, Robert Renfroe, Steedly Candler 150
138 Bulls Bay Golf Club Greg Boyette Joe Padgette, Bill Smunk, Duane Bausman
138 Musgrove Mill Golf Club Jeff Tallman Bob Smith, Tim Pope, TD Todd
138 Oak Hills Golf Club Mitch Barr Mark Giles, Henry Thompson, Eddie Dennis
138 Carolina Country Club Jared Worener Mike Gravley, Henry Thomas, Joe Armbruster
139 Mid-Carolina C.C. Lee Duncan Ron Callahan, Harry Benenhaley, Richard Kimsey
140 Smithfields C.C. Adam Relan Doug Tooke, Mike Rogers, Wayne Rogers
140 Spring Valley C.C. Chad Martin Gus Sylvan, Jay Matera, Howard Robinson
140 Sage Valley Golf Club Daniel Seawell David Herndon, Jim Kirkham, Stan Harpe
141 Columbia Country Club Chris Sparrow Alan Tinder, Walter Odiorne, Bernie Shealy
141 The Golf Club at Star Fort Tommy Pendley Butch Cobb, John McDowell, Frank Williams
142 Orangeburg C.C. J.P. Waldron Stew Butler, Jesse Goodwin, Monty Smith
146 Fox Run C.C. Cullie Todd Jim Edmonds, Rob Johnson, Rudy Kahl
146 Woodlands Country Club Tom Mason Steve Pachol, Brian Alchermes, Greg Schachner
147 The Windermere Club Bill Chandler Gene Spencer, Andrew Hackney, Mike Durst
147 Lake City C.C. Darry Ruthven John Floyd, Mason Myers, Jim Ramsey
148 Charwood C.C. Rock Lucas Richard Wood, Wayne Thumpston, Johnny Miller
150 C.C. of South Carolina Russell Glover John Welker, Bob Linch, Rick Beasley
150 The Links at Stoney Pt. Kevin Whitehead Randy Holley, Frank Finley, Chris Pate
155 Hunters Creek G.C. Sam Randazzo Larry Barker, Dale Christley, John West

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