24th Annual Trescott Championship

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The Greenwood Country Club team of Lewis Rollins, Michael Meredith and Jeff McCutcheon used some local knowledge in tough conditions to win the 2006 SCGA Trescott Championship with a one under par score of 215. Columbia Country Club, 2004 Champions, finished one stroke back at even par.

The winning Trescott score of 215, based on the aggregate score of the three amateurs, consisted of a 69 from Lewis Rollins and a pair of 73’s from Michael Meredith and Jeff McCutcheon. The Greenwood group was captained by new Head Professional Ed Carlisle. Musgrove Mill Golf Club, the defending champions, finished tied for 3rd at three over par 219.

The Pro-Am portion of the event, which counts the two low gross balls per hole for all four players, was captured by Holly Tree Country Club. The Holly Tree team was led by Head Professional and General Manager Joe Jackson and shot a total of twelve under par 132. Spring Valley Country Club, with Michael Birdsell at the helm, finished one shot back at 133.

The 2006 SCGA Trescott Championship was played on the par 72, Greenwood Country Club in Greenwood, SC. The field consisted of 30 teams playing in both the Trescott Championship and the Pro-Am. The Trescott Championship is one of 17 Major Championships conducted by the South Carolina Golf Association and is in its 24th year of existence.

Final Results

Trescott Team Results
  Club Amateur 1   Amateur 2   Amateur 3  
215 Greenwood Country Club Lewis Rollins 69 Michael Meredith 73 Jeff McCutcheon 73
216 Columbia Country Club Robert Dargan 73 David Dargan 72 Eddie Hargett 71
219 Musgrove Mill Golf Club Phil Milner 74 Mike Gravley 74 Walter Todd 71
219 Secession Golf Club Kevin King 75 Christian Sherbert 69 Bill Duncan 75
221 The Creek Golf Club Brian Kennedy 72 Gene Wetmore 76 Kyle Milner 73
227 Holly Tree Country Club Josh Clark 76 Chris Wilkins 71 Whit Suber 80
229 Thornblade Club Todd Hendley 71 John Black 77 Ryan Hendley 81
230 Green Valley Country Club Craig Tucker 84 Blair Scurlock 73 Dillard Pruitt 73
230 Northwoods Golf Club Steve Liebler 79 Chris Mitchell 73 Jim Martin 78
231 Greenville Country Club John Dennis 76 Ellison McCoy 79 Will Dennis 76
232 Three Pines Country Club Scott Smith 78 Darrell Brown 75 Norman Page 79
232 Forest Lake Club Bob Edens 81 Dave Stribling 75 Rawlings Lamotte 76
233 Brookstone Meadows Jeff Bell 77 Charles Niemi 80 Marty White 76
235 Smithfields Country Club Will Jones 78 Sean Thornton 80 Doug Tooke 77
235 Spring Valley Country Club Gus Sylvan 76 Tim Teaster 79 Marc Fogarty 80
236 Florence Country Club Hanes Payne 77 Rocky Pierce 78 Tom Kasler 81
236 Sage Valley Golf Club Tom Wyatt 73 Blanton Phillips 80 Jackson Hughes, III 83
238 The Woodlands Steve Pachol 78 Vince Williams 82 Brian Alchermes 78
238 Anderson Country Club Ed Cothran 77 Blake Williamson 78 Matt Harbin 83
239 Sunset Country Club Jamie Glasscock 87 Lee Glaze 75 Greg Thompson 77
239 Midland Valley Golf Club Rusty Flanders 72 Lad Wright 85 Glen Hurt 82
240 WildeWood Country Club Doug Hayden 75 Scott Kennedy 84 Dave Smith 81
240 CC of Spartanburg Randy Mahaffey 82 Tim Pope 78 Taylor Hough 80
242 Cobbs Glen Gary Moore 79 Chase Stone 81 Tommy Harper 82
243 Chechessee Creek Club Tom Humphrey 81 Gary Shimmin 80 Doug Azar 82
245 Boscobel Golf Club Bob Godfrey 83 Jim Barnette 81 Matt Davis 81
246 Cherokee National Donnie Tate 73 Dennis Barnes, Jr. 92 Brian Denton 81
252 Persimmon Hill Eddie Strom 83 Rette Kirkland 87 Andrew Corley 82
252 Links O'Tryon Roger Page 85 Ray Sharpe 80 Steve Corn 87
259 Houndslake Country Club Jeff Howell 79 John Thomas 91 Charles Hartline 89
Trescott Pro-Am Results
  Club Pro Team
132 Holly Tree Country Club Joe Jackson Josh Clark, Chris Wilkins, Whit Suber
133 Spring Valley Country Club Michael Birdsell Gus Sylvan, Tim Teaster, Marc Fogarty
134 Columbia Country Club Chris Sparrow Robert Dargan, David Dargan, Eddie Hargett
135 Northwoods Golf Club Burke Cromer Steve Liebler, Chris Mitchell, Jim Martin
135 Forest Lake Club John Winterhalter Bob Edens, Dave Stribling, Rawlings Lamotte
135 Secession Golf Club Mike Harmon Kevin King, Christian Sherbert, Bill Duncan
136 Greenwood Country Club Ed Carlisle Lewis Rollins, Michael Meredith, Jeff McCutcheon
137 Chechessee Creek Club Franklin Newell Tom Humphrey, Gary Shimmin, Doug Azar
138 Midland Valley Golf Club Brooks Blackburn Rusty Flanders, Lad Wright, Glen Hurt
138 Thornblade Club Daniel Seawell Todd Hendley, John Black, Ryan Hendley
138 Musgrove Mill Golf Club Jeff Tallman Phil Milner, Mike Gravley, Walter Todd
139 Sunset Country Club Jeff Ruth Jamie Glasscock, Lee Glaze, Greg Thompson
140 Boscobel Golf Club Joey Herbert Bob Godfrey, Jim Barnette, Matt Davis
140 Green Valley Country Club Chuck Lackey Craig Tucker, Blair Scurlock, Dillard Pruitt
140 Cobbs Glen Wade May Gary Moore, Chase Stone, Tommy Harper
140 The Creek Golf Club Mike Byce Brian Kennedy, Gene Wetmore, Kyle Milner
140 Greenville Country Club Karl Stefka John Dennis, Ellison McCoy, Will Dennis
141 Sage Valley Golf Club Brian Teulker Tom Wyatt, Blanton Phillips, Jackson Hughes, III
141 Three Pines Country Club Todd Marshall Scott Smith, Darrell Brown, Norman Page
141 Smithfields Country Club David Lamb Will Jones, Sean Thornton, Doug Tooke
142 Brookstone Meadows Coby Gambrell Jeff Bell, Charles Niemi, Marty White
143 Florence Country Club Steve Behr Hanes Payne, Rocky Pierce, Tom Kasler
143 The Woodlands Tom Mason Steve Pachol, Vince Williams, Brian Alchermes
144 Cherokee National Danny Agapion Donnie Tate, Dennis Barnes, Jr., Brian Denton
144 Houndslake Country Club Randy Few Jeff Howell, John Thomas, Charles Hartline
145 WildeWood Country Club Todd Scolnick Doug Hayden, Scott Kennedy, Dave Smith
145 Anderson Country Club David Watkins Ed Cothran, Blake Williamson, Matt Harbin
147 CC of Spartanburg TJ Walsh Randy Mahaffey, Tim Pope, Taylor Hough
150 Persimmon Hill Mo Mullinax Eddie Strom, Rette Kirkland, Andrew Corley
150 Links O'Tryon Robert Bell Roger Page, Ray Sharpe, Steve Corn

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