18th Annual Trescott Championship

HANAHAN, SC - The Trescott Championship is the team championship for clubs in South Carolina. The unique format counts the aggregate score of the three team members. The team from Yeamans Hall Club were the defending champions and playing on their home course for the 18th edition of the event. As they walked off the last green with a finishing par, eagle, birdie, they felt that they had made a successful defense of their title. Keith Murphy led the team with a 67, SC Open Champion Mike bright followed with a 73, while the third member of the team, Bill Smunk posted a very respectable 75. The 215 total was five over par on the very difficult 6492 yard, par 70 course. Gusting winds and firm greens caused the scores to soar. Anything close to par was sure to be near the lead.

The Columbia Country Club team however burst Yeaman's balloon when they came in at even par 210. Former multiple State Amateur Champion David DuPre tied Murphy for low round of the day with a 67. Brad Krapfel, half of the newly crowned CGA Four Ball Champion team, posted a 72 and Robert Dargan who was part of the Medalist team in The CGA event finished with a 71. The five stroke victory was the first in several years for the team that often finishes near the top in this event. Three Pines Country Club in Woodruff (Brian Kennedy-73, Scott Smith-74, and Todd Webber-75 finished a distant third at 222.

The tournament also features an additional format - the SCGA-SCPGA Scratch Pro Am which adds the golf professional from the club and counts the low two gross scores of the four players.

The team from Columbia Country Club also captured this portion of the event, with Yeamans Hall again finishing in the runner-up position. Complete Results are listed below:

Final Results

2000 SCGA Trescott Championship

210 Columbia Country Club David DuPre (67) Brad Krapfel (72) Robert Dargan (71)

215 Yeamans Hall Club Mike Bright (73) Bill Smunk (75) Keith Murphy (67)

222 Three Pines Country Club Brian Kennedy (73) Scott Smith (74) Todd Webber (75)

223 Country Club of Charleston Bert Atkinson (75) Frank Ford, III (74) Tommy Ford (74)

224 Boscobel Country Club Ken Murray (72) Bob Godfrey (74) Larry Penley (78)

225 Belfair Plantation Duke Delcher (72) Tom McKnight (74) Jimmy Taylor (79)

227 The Carolina Country Club Ray Rankin (77) Stan Sill (73) Steve Callicutt (77)

229 Musgrove Mill Golf Club Walter Todd (77) Timothy Pope (78) Mike Gravley (74)

229 Holly Tree Country Club Mark Thaxton (78) Geno Berchiatti (72) Whit Suber (79)

229 Pebble Creek Country Club Terry Willis (77) Rick Cobb (71) Bill Hathaway (81)

230 The Country Club at WildeWood Steve Liebler (78) Kevin Walsh (74) Gary Kirkner (78)

233 Spring Valley Country Club Gus Sylvan (72) Woody Greene (84) Tim Teaster (77)

234 The University Club Bill Hall (75) Todd Mattocks (83) Rob Hrubala (76)

234 Midland Valley County Club Ladson Wright (81) Rusty Flanders (75) Glen Hurt (78)

235 Dusty Hills Country Club Jason Hulon (82) Jason McIntyre (73) Jim McCormick (80)

237 Smithfields Country Club Frank Sullivan (79) Wayne Rogers (82) Sean Thornton (76)

237 Thornblade Club Todd Hendley (76) Bobby Hines (82) Eric Moehling (79)

237 The River Golf Club Jeff Pope (79) Dave Frank (78) Greg Ablett (80)

238 Oakdale Country Club Steve Matthews (80) Billy Hoylen (79) Johnny Jackson (79)

239 Golden Hills Golf & C.C. R. F. Taylor (75) Eddie Mirmow (83) Nick Kelly (81)

239 Florence Country Club Billy Houck (82) Joe Carson (78) Wayne Howle (79)

239 Persimmon Hill Golf Club Bill Robinson (77) Wally Yonce (77) Rette Kirkland (85)

239 Forest Lake Club Mike Jenkins (78) Oscar Wooten (82) Stan Harpe (79)

241 The Windermere Club Gerald Jennings (82) Lee Postal (79) Gene Spencer (80)

242 Northwoods Golf Club George Kennedy (86) Trey Cantey (78) Lanny Correll, Jr.(78)

243 Snee Farm Country Club Jim O'Connor (81) Scotty Welch (85) John Assey (77)

243 The Woodlands Country Club Vince Williams (75) Steve Pachol (84) Paul Turner (84)

243 Country Club of Lexington Greg Austin (77) Robert Renfroe (83) Lance Tucker (82)

244 Greenwood Country Club Frank Williams (79) Allen Coursey (87) Lewis Rollins, III (78)

248 Shadowmoss Plantation Dean DeMattio (82) Marty Rowell (82) Wayne Stonaker (84)

254 The Golf Club at Indigo Run Tom Griffo (87) Tom Tierney (89) Drew Butler (78)

255 Berkeley Country Club Nick Avery (88) Gene Forte (88) Fritz Seay (79)


2000 SCGA-SCPGA Scratch Pro Am

128 Columbia Country Club Clement King David DuPre, Brad Krapfel, Robert Dargan

131 Yeamans Hall Club Claude Brusse Mike Bright, Bill Smunk, Keith Murphy

134 Golden Hills Golf & C.C. Rick Lang R. F. Taylor, Eddie Mirmow, Nick Kelly

134 Three Pines Country Club Todd Marshall Brian Kennedy, Scott Smith, Todd Webber

135 Smithfields Country Club David Lamb Frank Sullivan, Wayne Rogers, Sean Thornton

135 The Carolina Country Club Vic Lipscomb Ray Rankin, Stan Sill, Steve Callicutt

136 The University Club Daniel Seawell Bill Hall, Todd Mattocks, Rob Hrubala

137 Musgrove Mill Golf Club Jeff Tallman Walter Todd, Timothy Pope, Mike Gravley

137 Holly Tree Country Club Joe Jackson Mark Thaxton, Geno Berchiatti, Whit Suber

137 Thornblade Club Thomas Troncoso Todd Hendley, Bobby Hines, Eric Moehling

138 Boscobel Country Club Mike Hamilton Ken Murray, Bob Godfrey, Larry Penley

139 The Country Club at WildeWood Chip Blackmon Steve Liebler, Kevin Walsh, Gary Kirkner

139 Belfair Plantation Keith Goodaker Duke Delcher, Tom McKnight, Jimmy Taylor

140 Spring Valley Country Club Craig Malone Gus Sylvan, Woody Greene, Tim Teaster

140 Snee Farm Country Club Jerry Marshall Jim O'Connor, Scotty Welch, John Assey

140 Country Club of Charleston Tom Blount Bert Atkinson, Frank Ford, III, Tommy Ford

141 The Windermere Club Randy Few Gerald Jennings, Lee Postal, Gene Spencer

141 Midland Valley County Club Steve Foss Ladson Wright, Rusty Flanders, Glen Hurt

142 Oakdale Country Club Jimmy Streett Steve Matthews, Billy Hoylen, Johnny Jackson

143 Northwoods Golf Club Greg McBride George Kennedy, Trey Cantey, Lanny Correll, Jr.

143 Pebble Creek Country Club Gary Bosworth Terry Willis, Rick Cobb, Bill Hathaway

143 The River Golf Club Chris Verdery Jeff Pope, Dave Frank, Greg Ablett

143 Florence Country Club Steve Behr Billy Houck, Joe Carson, Wayne Howle

144 Dusty Hills Country Club Freddie Barkley Jason Hulon, Jason McIntyre, Jim McCormick

144 Persimmon Hill Golf Club Mo Mullinax Bill Robinson, Wally Yonce, Rette Kirkland

144 The Woodlands Country Club Russell Monsees Vince Williams, Steve Pachol, Paul Turner

144 Greenwood Country Club Evans Day Frank Williams, Allen Coursey, Lewis Rollins, III

145 The Golf Club at Indigo Run Tim Sutherland Tom Griffo, Tom Tierney, Drew Butler

147 Forest Lake Club John Winterhalter Mike Jenkins, Oscar Wooten, Stan Harpe

147 Berkeley Country Club Kenny Cashwell Nick Avery, Gene Forte, Fritz Seay

148 Country Club of Lexington Norman Flynn Greg Austin, Robert Renfroe, Lance Tucker

150 Shadowmoss Plantation Robert Wolfe Dean DeMattio, Marty Rowell, Wayne Stonaker

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